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Orting Shingles


Some repairs can be postponed but not roof repairs. Any curled, missing or damaged roof shingles must be immediately replaced so that your roof is not damaged. Ignoring this can result in complete roof damage, resulting in substantial expenses required for roof replacement.

Give a call to Bates Roofing LLC for the installation of roofing shingles in the Orting, WA area. From our experience of repairing roofs in the area, we have seen that most roof replacement jobs can be delayed if the homeowners pay attention to the condition of the roofs.

We are experienced in handling all types of roof shingles including:

  • Metal
  • Wood and shake
  • Slate
  • Tile

Trust our skilled and trained roofers, for the proper installation of the roofing shingles. They use the best materials, equipment, and techniques to ensure an efficiently done job. They work following all the local codes for your peace of mind.

Orting Roof Shingles


The primary function of roof shingles is to protect the roof and its underlayment from any damage by water, snow, and ice. The shingles of the chosen material are laid one on top of the other starting from the bottom to achieve the protection needed.

Rely on us for the efficient installation of roof shingles around Orting. The choice of the right roof shingles is crucial as they provide several benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Enhanced exterior aesthetics
  • Affect energy efficiency and deck temperature
  • Promote better roof durability

If the roofing shingles are cheap, the other parts of the roof will deteriorate faster, requiring quicker roof repairs or replacement. It is, therefore, recommended always to use high-quality products considering it is an investment for your safety.

Orting Roofing Shingles


When it is the time to choose the roofing shingles for your Orting area home, you need to research. With several materials and types available, selecting the best one will take some time. It is better first to do your homework and then shop for your shingles.

Count on us for the installation of roofing shingles in Orting. We can also help you with choosing the best roofing shingles for your home based on the following factors:

  • Color
  • Type
  • Pricing

Have faith in us regarding any roof shingle decision as we offer customer-centric services. We keep your budget as well as the quality of the roof material in mind when helping you choose shingles for your home.

Call Bates Roofing LLC at (253) 648-1800 for any roof shingles you may need for your Orting area property.


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