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Bates Roofing Images Being a homeowner or home renter in Washington you know the laundry list of tasks it takes to make your home functional, safe and clean. Most people start the things they use the most like kitchens and baths. Rightfully so, as these give you the best bang for your buck and can really make your home feel new in the process. As a Tacoma roof repair pro, we know first hand that anything out of sight is out of mind. Unfortunately, that is where your roof lands on that list. We also know your roof is not the most exciting thing to think about, but it is definitely worth thinking about nonetheless. Besides, you can not have a home without a roof! We just wanted to shed some light on something to look out for and to keep in mind.

First, while your roof is designed to absorb a lot of punishment, it does have a breaking point. The older your roof is the closer you are to that breaking point. Most homes have an asphalt roof. They typically last between 25-30 years. I know most people will stop reading after that sentence if your roof is nowhere near that old. The truth is, that is 25-30 years with regular maintenance and a little luck from mother nature. No roof can survive when it is hit by 100 mph sustained winds. Again, that does not mean you are out of the woods. Any strong wind has the potential to cause damage to your roof. Unless your home goes through a hurricane most people will not experience an entire roof being blown off or all your shingles missing at once. It will be more of a gradual thing. For instance, one missing shingle can be considered roof damage. Sure, you do not have to panic and sound the alarm, but you would want to get this fixed as soon as you can. The reason is, if that missing shingle does not get fixed soon it could compromise your roof and lead to other shingles getting loose and water damaging the sub-roofing layers. That will eventually lead to roof rot and ultimately needing a new roof.

If you have trees on your property you should also be mindful on how the limbs can break off and puncture your shingles. This is slightly more damaging as that puncture can go through all the sub-roofing layers exposing the wood to rain. That is not a good combination as the water will create mold and eventually were down that area giving you a skylight that you did not order.

We know not everyone is a roofer or thinks like one, but you can do something to make your roof safe. From a safe distance take a look at your roof. If there are any missing, discolored, or cracking shingles give us a call. Being proactive can save you money in the end. Also, you should get on a roofing maintenance schedule whether that is annually or semi-annually.

Being a Washington roofer for many years we know there are many companies in your area to choose from. We would love to make your home safe by making sure your roof is doing its job. Contact us to schedule a roof inspection today.

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